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The doctors will hold their next webinar on Thursday, May 30TH at 8:00PM EDT. Register today to reserve your spot!








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Coming in June! Monthly exclusive resources, protocols, and courses centered around men's, women's, and children's health.

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Functional Wellness Coaching

The doctors offer individualized coaching programs at their office in Chattanooga, TN, and virtually worldwide.

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What People Say About Us

"My wife has been under their care for several months. First to impress is their faith and sincere calling to help people. Very prrsonalized attention. Ruth has improved health, lost weight, reduced medications. Goal is to eliminate all meds."

James W.

"The staff is excellent and teach you how to live a healthy life."

Laura B.

"I must say I’ve never ever experienced a place, where the whole staff is very friendly, very professional, and amazingly knowledgeable!! These days you seldom get this from 1 place!! It’s definitely an experience that everyone should try!!!"

Debra N.

"A healthy, happy, better life starts here."

Gary B.

"I’m much healthier and feeling better!"

Hannah A.

"Dr. Nathan and Dr Rebecca helped me when no other Dr seemed to know what to do. They educate you on your illness and if they think you need more help than they can do they help you find that help. I found them when someone gave me a box of the Detox and said find a Dr that uses this and they can help you get well. All that happened I’m on my way to well. They really support you with encouragement and education on your issues."

Flora G.

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