Pain Free, No Surgery Needed

Jan first came to our office with 20 years of back and neck pain and numbness and pain in her right leg, which was debilitating at times, especially when sitting. She had been to several doctors over the years to find relief, trying methods such as laser surgery, pain medication, and physical therapy exercises. She was ultimately told that she needed to have fusion surgery. She first heard about our practice at one of our cancer seminars, and has since been under regular chiropractic care with us for over five years!
She recently shared with us that “I have very little or no pain as long as I’m going for adjustments. They have changed my life. I’m able to enjoy my work, exercise, and life to the fullest. The amount of information you get about health is amazing. They are not only the best at what they do, they are very caring about you, your health, and your life. They are a blessing to everyone.”

Chiropractic Is For Life

Ben presented to us with a history of three cervical fusions and pain and numbness in his arms and hands. To manage the pain, he had tried medications, physical therapy, and chiropractic. After listening to our radio show, he became a practice member with us in 2016, and has since been receiving chiropractic adjustments at least once a week for over five years!
He now shows great improvement in his forward head posture, spinal alignment, little to no pain, and overall improved health. In his own words: “Drs. Warren and their team are incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and have always listened and provided outstanding care.”

Recurring Ear Infections IMMEDIATELY Under Control

"When Malena was around 6 months old, she got her first ear infection. I didn’t think anything of it, it was the beginning of fall and cold/flu season. So off to the pediatrician we went, who confirmed my suspicion and prescribed antibiotics. Which seemed to help for a bit. Then a few weeks later her ears seemed to be bothering her again. So back to the pediatrician we went, this time the ear infection was in the opposite ear, so we moved up to the next strength antibiotic. Long story short, over the course of 2.5-3 months we ran through 6 antibiotics, increasing in strength every time.
When we got to the last option they had for us, they referred us to an ENT for tubes. At the initial consult, they told me this was the best way to prevent more infections, and scheduled her for tubes 1 week later. I was so torn over how to help my baby feel better, I wanted her to feel better but nothing was working. I did NOT want to do tubes, I didn’t want to put her through that, but I didn’t know what else to do.
Then my mom suggested taking her to see Dr. Nathan. I admit I was skeptical at first, but obviously what we had been doing wasn’t working, and it was either try chiropractic care, or tubes. At the initial meeting with Dr. Nathan, he explained that antibiotics work when there is a bacterial infection but most colds/ear infections are viral and the antibiotics WON'T help! Not only that, but they actually kill off the good bacteria we all have in our gut that help prevent infections. So when we gave Malena antibiotic after antibiotic after antibiotic, we effectively killed her immune system’s defense against viral infections, which were leading to her ear infections.
We decided to start chiropractic care right away. I was a bit nervous, thinking oh my goodness my little baby is going to be twisted and pulled and it’s going to hurt her, but no, Dr. Nathan was so gentle and she was done within 2 minutes. 
At the time it was hard to see a difference, but a week passed and then 2 weeks, and then longer, and we only had one ear infection. This time I chose not to give antibiotics and guess what?? The ear infection went away within 3 days all by itself... why? Because it was viral! We continued her chiropractic care and through the remaining year, she only got 2 more ear infections. By getting her adjusted, we were able to naturally have fluids drain. And the best part, the older she got, the more vertical her eustachian tubes were so the fluids would drain better by themselves.
 Dr. Nathan saved us from unnecessary tubes, and educated us. I only wish we would have tried chiropractic care sooner! Truly you all have helped me be a better mother."

A Child's Eczema GONE

Emily was an eight year old girl with progressively worsening eczema when her mom began coaching with Dr. Nathan. Hear how healing the gut through diet changes and supplements healed her skin condition.

Off All Blood Pressure Medication

Christie had been on blood pressure medication for over 20 years. After 2.5 months under chiropractic care, she began experiencing dizzy spells. After checking her blood pressure, she found it had normalized due to chiropractic care, and her medications were actually causing her pressure to drop too low! Now she is off all medication and maintaining a pressure of about 117/77 through consistent adjustments alone.

Off Her Fibromyalgia Medication!

Linda first came to our office with the primary complaint of fibromyalgia and thyroid dysfunction. After six months of chiropractic adjustments, nutritional changes, and supplementation, she is off ALL pain medication, and feels better today than when she was taking 50mg Lyrica daily! She has also lost 34 pounds and has improved skin, less fatigue, better sleep, and can now walk the entire mall without needing to rest!

Reversed An "Uncurable" Disease


Hunter was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria and had tried every known treatment with no relief when he joined care with us. Through a combination of chiropractic, detoxification, diet changes, and fasting, his disease is GONE!

Hashimoto's Success Story


Christi came to our office with a 22-year history of auto-immune attack on her thyroid and thyroglobulin antibodies at 2,700. After seven months of chiropractic care and functional wellness coaching with Dr. Rebecca, her antibodies were less than 1 (normal range!) and ANA negative!

All Over Better Health

After one month under care, Martin had lost 10 pounds, his back pain was gone, and he was able to sleep on his back through the night for the first time in years! And now that he has been with us for a year and a half, his has lost (and kept off!) over 40 pounds, he is off three medications, is still sleeping through the night, and reports feeling better and more energized than ever before!

Lowered Blood Pressure

Cathy impressed the nurses at her primary care physician’s office by lowering her blood pressure naturally through chiropractic care. Her blood pressure, which was routinely at 130/85, is now at 110/70 without the help of medications! Cathy and her family have made chiropractic a lifetime practice and have been under our care for several years now.

Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Regulation

Debra was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 25 years ago. Last year, she began making dietary changes on her own, and when she was ready to take her health journey to the next level, she began chiropractic care and nutrition coaching. After four months under our care, Debra has lost 25 pounds, and her blood sugar is beginning to normalize. Her lab results just came in, and her Hemoglobin A1C has gone from an 11.3 to a 7.3! Sometimes it takes time to see results but the truth remains the same; the body is created to heal.

Lyrica Cut IN HALF After Three Weeks

Mary presented to us with fibromyalgia. Her condition was so bad that if she went 5 minutes past when she should take her Lyrica, she was in unbearable and excruciating pain. But after two adjustments, she reported forgetting to take her Lyrica and having NO pain! And after three weeks under care, her daily Lyrica usage was cut in HALF.

Completed a Five Day Fast


Pat, who first came to our office for low back pain, began implementing basic nutritional changes and lost 30 pounds! Hear her recap her first 5-day water fast, and how mindset and community play a big role in fasting success.

Migraines GONE

"I started getting migraines when I was ten, so I have put up with my head hurting for 70% of my life. I also had bad reflux and high blood pressure. I have been on so many different medications for my migraines, reflux, and blood pressure, and none of them ever really made the pain go away. After a few months of chiropractic treatment, I am able to live without migraines. My heartburn has almost completely stopped. I have also been able to reduce the amount of blood pressure medicine I take. Most importantly, I feel better, have more energy, and I am also able to sleep more soundly! I recommend Dr. Nathan and Dr. Rebecca to everyone I meet. I tell them about how much better I feel now that my spine is getting straightened up."

Better School Performance

"Alyssa was very anxious at all times. She constantly shook her hands and she was afraid to be alone (even in the bathroom). She was also very behind in her academics because she had trouble focusing and remembering. I took her to a psychologist for testing, and she was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medicine. She only took it for a month because it made her shaking worse. After talking to Dr. Rebecca, I knew I needed to become a patient. After only a few weeks of treatment, Alyssa's reading score went from a 1st grade, 3rd month level to a 2nd grade, 8th month level - very close to being on target! Her math score went from 2nd grade 2nd month to 3rd grade 3rd month, which is on target! At first, Alyssa was apprehensive about being adjusted, but Dr. Nathan and Dr. Rebecca were extremely patient with her and slowly got her to a full adjustment. Now she loves being adjusted. She is excited when I tell her it is time to go to the chiropractor." -Alyssa's mom

Off Three Types of Insulin


Brenda joined care after attending one of our blood sugar events. She had been diagnosed with diabetes eight years ago and had accepted that she would live with it for the rest of her life. But after her commitment to diet and lifestyle changes, she has lost 20 pounds and is off of three different types of insulin!

Completed An Eight Day Fast


Michael just completed an 8-day water fast! Hear him share the steps he took to get mentally and metabolically prepared leading up to the fast, as well as how he broke it. Health journeys take time, but after only five months, he is down 85 pounds and feels the best he ever has.

Healing After Thyroidectomy


Sherrie had her thyroid removed 43 years ago, and has since been battling low energy, weight gain, and all the common symptoms associated with living life without a thyroid. After a couple months under chiropractic care and coaching, her labs are normalizing and she has lost over 20 pounds!

Reduced Inhaler Usage

The Sunday she met Dr. Nathan and Dr. Rebecca she learned about chiropractic, nutrition, and how God created the body to heal at church. Later that afternoon she met them at the Chattanooga Home Show and knew that God had intended for them to cross paths. After two months of chiropractic care, Mary Jo has gone from needing three inhalers down to only one, and she’s using it less often! Plus this is the first autumn she can remember where she hasn’t contracted the flu, pneumonia, or a sinus infection; her immune system is stronger than ever. She reports having more energy and is able to work out three times a week!

Balanced Blood Sugar and Thyroid

A radio show listener testimonial! Ms. T followed our show and approached once afterwards for some quick advice on how to heal her thyroid. After encouraging her and giving her some first steps, she went home and did the work. Everything we talk about and teach about, she implemented on her own. After one year, she reached out to us again to let us know that she has lost 101 pounds, reversed her blood sugar imbalance, and her thyroid is functioning well!

Improved Thyroid Labs and PAIN FREE

Donna was a radio show listener who came under chiropractic care as well as thyroid coaching with Dr. Rebecca. After four months with us, she reports that she no longer has back pain in the morning and she has lost weight. Her new labs show optimal Vitamin D3 levels, decreased TSH, increased Free T3, and decreased fasting blood glucose. Plus she is now on the LOWEST thyroid medication that she can remember ever being on!

Off All These Medications

This is what freedom looks like!  Due to her commitment to chiropractic care and nutrition changes, Anne is now off of all the medications in her arms. Not only that, but she also reports reduced headaches, neck pain, midback pain, and low back pain, along with improved posture, breathing, and digestion!

Glucose Normalized After One Week!

Ed shows us that anyone can implement the nutrition and lifestyle changes we teach. He attended our Conquer the Blood Sugar Summit and, after only one week of implementing our recommendations at home, he has lost 10 pounds, and his fasting blood glucose has dropped from 160 to 79!

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