Emily, Eczema

Emily was an eight year old girl with progressively worsening eczema when her mom began coaching with Dr. Nathan. Hear how healing the gut through diet changes and supplements healed her skin condition.


Hunter, Reversing a disease that had "no cure"

Hunter was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria and had tried every known treatment with no relief when he joined care with us. Through a combination of chiropractic, detoxification, diet changes, and fasting, his disease is GONE!


Christi, Hashimoto's

Christi came to our office with a 22-year history of auto-immune attack on her thyroid and thyroglobulin antibodies at 2,700. After seven months of chiropractic care and functional wellness coaching with Dr. Rebecca, her antibodies were less than 1 (normal range!) and ANA negative!


Pat, 5-Day Water Fast

Pat, who first came to our office for low back pain, began implementing basic nutritional changes and lost 30 pounds! Hear her recap her first 5-day water fast, and how mindset and community play a big role in fasting success.


Brenda, Diabetes

Brenda joined care after attending one of our blood sugar events. She had been diagnosed with diabetes eight years ago and had accepted that she would live with it for the rest of her life. But after her commitment to diet and lifestyle changes, she has lost 20 pounds and is off of three different types of insulin!


Michael, Fasting journey

Michael just completed an 8-day water fast! Hear him share the steps he took to get mentally and metabolically prepared leading up to the fast, as well as how he broke it. Health journeys take time, but after only five months, he is down 85 pounds and feels the best he ever has.


Sherrie, Thyroid

Sherrie had her thyroid removed 43 years ago, and has since been battling low energy, weight gain, and all the common symptoms associated with living life without a thyroid. After a couple months under chiropractic care and coaching, her labs are normalizing and she has lost over 20 pounds!

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Linda, Fibromyalgia

Linda first came to our office with the primary complaint of fibromyalgia and thyroid dysfunction. After six months of chiropractic adjustments, nutritional changes, and supplementation, she is off ALL pain medication, and feels better today than when she was taking 50mg Lyrica daily! She has also lost 34 pounds and has improved skin, less fatigue, better sleep, and can now walk the entire mall without needing to rest!

Alyssa, ADHD

"Alyssa was very anxious at all times. She constantly shook her hands and she was afraid to be alone (even in the bathroom). She was also very behind in her academics because she had trouble focusing and remembering. I took her to a psychologist for testing, and she was diagnosed with ADHD and put on medicine. She only took it for a month because it made her shaking worse. After talking to Dr. Rebecca, I knew I needed to become a patient. After only a few weeks of treatment, Alyssa's reading score went from a 1st grade, 3rd month level to a 2nd grade, 8th month level - very close to being on target! Her math score went from 2nd grade 2nd month to 3rd grade 3rd month, which is on target! At first, Alyssa was apprehensive about being adjusted, but Dr. Nathan and Dr. Rebecca were extremely patient with her and slowly got her to a full adjustment. Now she loves being adjusted. She is excited when I tell her it is time to go to the chiropractor." -Mom

Randi, Migraines

"I started getting migraines when I was ten, so I have put up with my head hurting for 70% of my life. I also had bad reflux and high blood pressure. I have been on so many different medications for my migraines, reflux, and blood pressure, and none of them ever really made the pain go away. After a few months of chiropractic treatment, I am able to live without migraines. My heartburn has almost completely stopped. I have also been able to reduce the amount of blood pressure medicine I take. Most importantly, I feel better, have more energy, and I am also able to sleep more soundly! I recommend Dr. Nathan and Dr. Rebecca to everyone I meet. I tell them about how much better I feel now that my spine is getting straightened up."

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