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The idea for this podcast came from a thought that has popped up continuously for me for the last 17 years of my health journey: I wish I knew then what I know now.  
So this podcast was born. It is quite frankly all the things I wish someone had shared with me - things to encourage me, to educate me on the truth on healing, and the things to empower me so I could step into the health journey I was created for. 
My hope for you is that when you listen, that you also feel those things. And if you take what I share and implement it, that (1) you can prevent being in a doctor’s office feeling like your onlychoice is to remove your thyroid, or (2) if you had your thyroid removed, that you can start to heal and not suffer all the years I did looking for the right resources and answers. 
If you are ready to live the best life possible post-thyroidectomy, or after being diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, this podcast is for you.
At a time when the answer to thyroid issues is medication, radiation, and surgery, it’s time to do something different. I give you the hope and the tools to take your health back into your hands. You will hear from my own experience, both personally and from coaching others, as well as what the research shows.

Open Q&A Episodes

I periodically record special Q&A episodes, where I answer questions received from my listeners. If you have a question about your thyroid and hormone health, submit it here for a chance to hear my answer on my next Q&A episode!

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