My approach to thyroid and hormonal health is simple but powerful: get to the cause, then support the body to heal itself. The thyroid doesn’t work on its own, so when the thyroid is off, it not only affects the entire endocrine system, but all systems within the body. This is why just getting a thyroid dysfunction diagnosis doesn’t mean you’ll ever get well, and in fact can make you worse over time. Likewise, hormonal imbalances indicate something is systemically wrong in the body. In Chattanooga and virtually around the world, I coach my clients on optimal thyroid care via customized plans utilizing lab work and testing, supplements, and functional nutrition. 


This is your first step in reclaiming your health. Learn about the most important labs you need today and why.
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The idea for this podcast came from a thought that has popped up continuously for me for the last 17 years of my health journey: I wish I knew then what I know now.  
So this podcast was born. It is quite frankly all the things I wish someone had shared with me - things to encourage me, to educate me on the truth on healing, and the things to empower me so I could step into the health journey I was created for. 
My hope for you is that when you listen, that you also feel those things. And if you take what I share and implement it, that (1) you can prevent being in a doctor’s office feeling like your only choice is to remove your thyroid, or (2) if you had your thyroid removed, that you can start to heal and not suffer all the years I did looking for the right resources and answers. 
If you are ready to live the best life possible post-thyroidectomy, or after being diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, this podcast is for you.
At a time when the answer to thyroid issues is medication, radiation, and surgery, it’s time to do something different. I give you the hope and the tools to take your health back into your hands. You will hear from my own experience, both personally and from coaching others, as well as what the research shows.



 My thyroid monthly membership program is designed for women post-thyroidectomy or with Hashimotos or a similar condition. Membership includes a monthly group coaching session, Q&A with me, labwork checkins, group resets, and more. Each month focuses on a new topic related to thyroid or hormone health, delivering to you the most up-to-date functional wellness strategies in a structured, easy-to-follow pace.    


The Thyroid Inner Circle group membership program is the best course of action for most women. However, I do offer one-on-one coaching for individuals with an advanced thyroid disorder, post-thyroidectomy, or experiencing hormonal imbalances. I take a functional wellness approach that utilizes testing and lab work to identify the root cause to your symptoms, and then I customize tailored supplement protocols, advanced nutrition strategies, and lifestyle changes that will specifically address the root cause and allow the body to naturally heal itself. 
The purpose of the initial consultation is to identify the best next steps for you with respect to healing. My recommendations will include additional testing and a consultation package with me, which will range from $5K-$7K, depending on the severity of your case.
  • An individual consultation with me via Zoom
  • My care plan recommendations for next steps with respect to healing
  • My intake paperwork, which will detail your health history, neurotoxic exposure, and health goals
  • A one-week food diary, which you will begin after completing the Foundations of Nutrition video course
  • Any previous lab work or testing from the past two years
  • A current complete wellness bloodwork panel, which you can order here or through your doctor.
This is unlike any doctor’s appointment you have experienced before. During the consultation, I will dive deep into understanding your health history, your health goals, your nutrition, and your lifestyle. The consultation is approximately 50 minutes in length and can be scheduled virtually or in-office at my clinic in Chattanooga.
Within one-two weeks of the consultation, you will receive my written care plan recommendations for a customized one-on-one coaching program.


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At 19, I was diagnosed with Follicular Variant Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and was scheduled for a complete thyroidectomy and high dose radiation. I was told that everything would be okay, but for the next few years, I struggled with the same things I thought would be “fixed” after radiation and surgery. The problem, I realized, is that a sick body makes a sick thyroid, and no surgery, radiation, or medication can cover that up. So it was vitally important that I got down to the cause of my dysfunction and allowed my body to heal.
I received my Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA. Through constant research, formal training, and personal experience, I have become a leading expert on a wide variety of hormone disorders, structural corrective chiropractic care, and rehab.
Along with my decade plus experience in with working 1:1 with women on achieving fitness goals, I specialize in rehabilitation for athletes, functional movement training, reintroduction of fitness post injury, and optimal biomechanics in my clinic in Chattanooga, TN. I take care of athletes of varying backgrounds- from ultra-marathoners, iron man athletes, and rock climbers to those who are just getting started. 
I have spent the last 14 years not only reclaiming my own health, but also coaching others across the US that have had their thyroid removed or have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, achieve optimal health and go from victim to victor 




"My first encounter with Dr. Rebecca was her Talk Radio Show on WGOW 102.3 FM on a Saturday morning. She was sharing her testimony concerning her thyroid condition when she was a teenager, and how she would have responded differently had she known what she knows today. This piqued my interest, as I too have issues with my thyroid. As she continued, I sensed her heart and passion concerning natural remedies to heal the body. I had recently undergone medical procedures surrounding a breast cancer diagnosis. As my thyroid condition was stable, I was more concerned about recovering my body from the cancer (radiation) treatments. I was convinced that I needed her as a wellness coach.

Upon meeting with her, I began to understand the necessity to change my mindset for a lifestyle change. She recommended and assisted me in consulting with my medical doctors to transition from their prescribed medications to a more natural treatment with supplements and lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes included a more wholesome diet consuming organic foods. Additionally, fasting (intermittent fasting for a ninety-day timeframe) helped transition me into a five-day water fast, which jumped started the healing process. Natural remedies along with a five-day water fast, which I never thought I could do, allowed my body to experience relief from stomach/digestive issues and less aches and pains throughout my body due to the medically prescribed medications. I would highly recommend these lifestyle changes, which move the body into a state of natural healing as originally intended by God when He created us." Mamie B.

"I met Dr. Rebecca at a perfect time in my life; I needed support of my body and overall sense of wellbeing. After over 15 years of a very busy life, traveling, buying our first home and working… I was exhausted.  As a self-starter and very optimistic person, I didn’t want to admit that I was starting to feel “old” at 43. I kept telling myself that I just needed a couple days off or a vacation.  What I learned working with Dr. Rebecca was that our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal and we can feel “young” at really any age. 

As she guided me through shifts in my nutrition, eating habits and how to create a healthy home, I realized while I had been doing some things really right, I hadn’t been able to put together a whole program for myself.  Her wealth of knowledge pours into what she does, it shows by the connections she makes explaining what is happening and how we are going to heal and build it back. She focuses on the healing of the body without any negative outlook, which I really appreciate.

Since February 2021 I’ve followed her recommendations to a T. The results are really starting to impress me! Symptoms I’ve had for over 5 years are gone, my energy is boosting back, my inner calm is growing and my physical strength is building! Plus I’m losing weight, I’d been slowing putting on weight and had no luck in the last 4 years to take it off. 

It’s really making me realize how important our state of health is and how much it truly affects us on all levels. It can slowly go away to the point you don’t realize it until one day I looked at a photo and didn’t know myself. I will never let that happen again. Thanks to Dr. Rebecca, I don’t have to." - Aimee M.

"I heard about Dr. Rebecca from my family chiropractor, Dr. Krysta O'Neill at Lititz Family Chiropractic.  I was experiencing lightheadedness, stomach pain, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, trouble swallowing, difficulty sleeping, and very sore red eyes. I was a mess! I had tried a variety of prescription medications and over the counter products before I ended up visiting the emergency room when the symptoms got too severe to manage. The diagnosis was that I had an issue with my thyroid. This was all occurring while I was continuing to exercise, thinking I was eating well and trying to manage stress effectively. Clearly that wasn't working!

After explaining the symptoms and diagnosis to my chiropractor, Dr. Krysta, she told me she knew exactly who I should contact, Dr Rebecca. I did some research and then made an appointment on Dr. Rebecca's website. I'm so glad I did!  After working with Dr. Rebecca for about 5 months, my heart palpitations and stomach pain are gone, and all other symptoms have improved dramatically.  I would say that Dr. Rebecca's ability to get to the root causes of my symptoms and address those directly has made all the difference. Dr. Rebecca is available to answer any of my questions and give support whenever needed, as well as being a patient and helpful teacher to those of us who are new to functional wellness.  Finding her has been a real blessing to me!" - Linda M.

"My story began in 2017, when I decided to get off the birth control pill. My husband and I were having more conversations about starting a family and I never had felt completely “normal” during the 6 years I was on the pill. While on the pill I developed melasma, dermatitis, had reccurring headaches that sometimes turned into migraines, as well as numerous digestive issues (bloating, upset stomach, etc.). However, upon getting off the pill, things got worse. I experienced fatigue, hair loss, horrible mood swings, shorter periods, intense sugar cravings, and weight gain. 

I began doing research into different supplements I could take that might help, but I felt like I was just shooting in the dark. I lacked true knowledge and understanding about what exactly was going on in my body and why. I talked to a friend about what I was experiencing, and she recommended I set up an appointment with Dr. Rebecca. After 2.5 years of seeing little to no progress from my efforts and hearing from numerous doctors that I should just get back on birth control or some other medication, or that it was due to my age and normal to be experiencing what I was experiencing, I was definitely eager to try a different approach! 

Dr. Rebecca changed my life. I embraced her methods wholeheartedly because I felt like she met me where I was at and was able to shed light on each and every issue I was having. She provided me with knowledge and practical steps to take, which empowered me! Upon implementing her specific plan for me, I saw changes in my energy level, my mood improved, and I felt motivated again. My headaches and digestive issues are now practically non-existent. My hormones are more balanced and my period is a normal cycle! Furthermore, when I do experience an issue, I have the tools and understanding now to know what to do. So, to anyone who is ready to make and see a change in their life, it’s time! Let Dr. Rebecca come alongside you so you can get your life back. You’re worth it." - Leanne R.


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