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Dr. Rebecca’s approach to thyroid health is simple but powerful: get to the cause, then support the body to heal itself. The thyroid doesn’t work on its own, so when the thyroid is off it not only affects the entire endocrine system, but all systems within the body. This is why just getting a thyroid dysfunction diagnosis doesn’t mean you’ll ever get well, and in fact can make you worse over time. In Chattanooga and virtually around the world, Dr. Rebecca coaches her clients on optimal thyroid care via customized plans utilizing lab work and testing, supplements, and functional nutrition.
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At 19, I was diagnosed with Follicular Variant Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and was scheduled for a complete thyroidectomy and high dose radiation. I was told that everything would be okay, but for the next few years, I struggled with the same things I thought would be “fixed” after radiation and surgery. The problem, I realized, is that a sick body makes a sick thyroid, and no surgery, radiation, or medication can cover that up. So it was vitally important that I got down to the cause of my dysfunction and allowed my body to heal.

I have spent the last 14 years not only reclaiming my own health, but also coaching others across the US that have had their thyroid removed or have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, achieve optimal health and go from victim to victor.

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The Thyroid-less Life podcast is for those that want to dig deeper into what it looks like to live the best health possible after a Thyroidectomy, or after being diagnosed with a thyroid disorder.

At a time when the answer to thyroid issues is medication, radiation, and surgery, it’s time to do something different. Dr. Rebecca is going to give you the hope and the tools to take your health back into your hands. You will hear from her own experience both personally and from coaching others, as well as what the research shows.

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