Is your doctor not pulling the right labs on you? It's time to take control of your own health! Now you can pull your own requisition forms through our Ulta Lab Tests portal. Select from hundreds of labs, or select one of our four customized panels:
  • The Drs. Warren Complete Wellness Panel for Men
  • The Drs. Warren Complete Wellness Panel for Women
  • Dr. Rebecca'sĀ Autoimmune Thyroid Panel
  • Dr. Rebecca's The Post-Thyroidectomy Panel
Not sure where to start? If you haven't had blood work in a while, we encourage you to order the complete wellness panel. To help you interpret the blood work, check out Episode 3 of Dr. Rebecca's Life After Thyroidectomy podcast, available here. Or you can also purchase the doctor's written interpretation and supplement recommendation or protocol consultation above.
NOTE: If you are a current patient at Chattanooga Family Chiropractic, an established coaching client, or a member of Dr. Rebecca's Thyroid Inner Circle, please reach out to us for special pricing prior to ordering.Ā