Along with blood work, we utilize a number of different lab tests with our coaching clients. Testing helps us identify the root cause of their symptoms and construct an action plan to address the cause and ultimately regain their health. 
The featured products below are our most popular tests; there are many more we utilize depending on the case. If there is something specific you would like to test for, reach out to our team and they can provide you with more information. 
We welcome you to review our tests below. Pricing does not include a consultation or doctor's interpretation of results. We encourage you to include our written interpretation and supplement recommendations at checkout, or visit Dr. Rebecca's page for more information on functional wellness health coaching. 
If you are not sure where to start in terms of functional testing, we encourage you to schedule a free call with our team member to help guide you. You can schedule that here.


DUTCH Complete

$425.00 USD
DUTCH Cortisol Awakening Response

$275.00 USD
Dutch Plus

$525.00 USD
Dutch Cycle Mapping

$490.00 USD
Dutch Cycle Mapping Plus

$700.00 USD



$550.00 USD
IgG Food Allergy Test

$350.00 USD
Halides + Iodine Loading Test

$225.00 USD
Organic Acids Profile

$239.00 USD
Amino Acids Profile

$189.00 USD


Gut Health Test

$440.00 USD
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

$325.00 USD


Tickborne Diseases

$1,150.00 USD

$435.00 USD
Environmental Toxins

$350.00 USD
Heavy Metals Test

$150.00 USD
Total Tox Burden

$615.00 USD

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