with Dr. Rebecca Warren

My coaching will look very different than anything you have done before. I have created a program that doesn’t just help you now but is information and education that you can take with you for the rest of your life.


I take a functional wellness approach that utilizes testing and lab work to identify the root cause to your symptoms, and then I customize tailored supplement protocols, advanced nutrition strategies, and lifestyle changes that will specifically address the root cause and allow the body to naturally heal itself. 
The purpose of the initial consultation is to identify the best next steps for you and to determine if the Hormone Jumpstart Coaching is a good fit. 
The purchase of the initial consultation is $350
A coaching plan is the only way to work 1:1 with me. I have done this for over 10+ years and the best successes have been with women who have been able to see and communicate with eregularly- and those that have done coaching have loved the individual and personal care they receive. 
If you have ANY questions or need to speak to someone before scheduling please do not hesitate to reach out to our team: 423-362-5360 or email [email protected]



  • An individual consultation with me via Zoom
  • My care plan¬†recommendations for next steps with respect to healing for your particular case¬†
  • My comprehensive intake paperwork, which will detail your health history, neurotoxic exposure, and health goals
  • A one-week food diary¬†
  • Any previous lab work or testing from the past two years
  • A current complete wellness bloodwork panel, which you can order¬†here¬†or through your doctor.
This is unlike any doctor’s appointment you are used to. During the consultation, I will dive deep into understanding your health history, your health goals, your nutrition, and your lifestyle. The consultation is approximately 60-90 minutes in length and can be scheduled virtually or in-office at my clinic in Chattanooga.
You will receive my written recommendations according to the findings of your testing and what was discussed during your consult. And most importantly, discuss the options for a customized one-on-one coaching program.
Please note that after your initial consultation, her coaching services may range from $5K-$7K, with supplements and testing an additional out-of-pocket expense. 


Dr. Rebecca's focus is to help women reclaim their health and live the life they were intended. No matter what your health history, she knows the body is created to heal and when given the right tools, you can always improve. Dr. Rebecca has over a decade and a half of experience on hormone health due to her own health struggles before she became a doctor. At 19, she underwent a thyroidectomy and high dose radiation for a cancer whose treatments were far worse than had she left the cancer alone. She has devoted her professional career to developing a natural, holistic approach to correcting women’s thyroid and hormone imbalances. Her approach to thyroid health is simple but powerful: get to the cause, then support the body to heal itself. She personally understands that the thyroid doesn’t work on its own, so when the thyroid is off, it not only affects the entire endocrine system, but all systems within the body. Learn more about Dr. Rebecca here. 

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