How and why to test blood ketones


If you are pursuing a ketogenic diet, I encourage you to use a ketone meter to test your glucose and blood ketones.

I personally use and recommend the Keto-Mojo meter. You can use this link here to save 15% on meter kits at checkout.

Testing ketones is a helpful tool that will not only tell you whether you are in ketosis, but it will also indicate when you are getting kicked out of ketosis. And it may surprise you what kicks you out of ketosis! “Keto-friendly” foods, stress levels, and poor sleep are common culprits.

Over time, you want to learn what your triggers are, so that you can best support your body to not only get into ketosis, but stay there, to help your body heal.

In this video, I explain the benefits of testing ketones, why you want to test for blood ketones vs. urine strips, and I demo how to use the Keto-Mojo meter.


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