Wellness Radio Recap: September 5th, 2020


It’s ok to fire your doctor. This week on Wellness Radio, we opened the show by giving everyone permission to

  1. Question their doctors
  2. Ask for more labs to be done, and
  3. Fire any doctor who isn’t listening or willing to dig deeper. 

Below you’ll find all the other topics we discussed surrounding the ideal diet. Each topic has timestamps so you can find it in the video and hear more about what’s not captured in this summary. 

But first, if you’re feeling unwell and your doctor keeps saying everything is fine, it may be time to look around for a doctor who will deeply investigate your body’s ailments.

Too many people get by every day taking pills for pain, blood pressure or thyroid issues. These people are unwell and are just surviving, not thriving.

Maybe this is you.

You can eliminate or greatly reduce the medication you're on with a little bit of functional wellness. Make sure that you fully understand everything about your health. Ask all the questions you’re afraid to ask and dig for alternative options if necessary. 

25:31 - COVID prevention is at the diner table 

Citing an article posted recently to our Facebook wall, one commenter mentioned they were disappointed with the article because it recommended eating meat, eggs, and dairy. The commenter alluded that vegan, plant-based lifestyles are the best way to go because animal fats cause inflammation. 

Our most recent Wellness Radio episode actually dove into inflammation and you can find all the information there on causes of inflammation, when it’s good for you, when it’s bad, and how to heal your body from chronic inflammation. 

Saying that animal fats lead to inflammation is a blanket statement and an incorrect statement to make. In fact, high-quality animal protein and fats are actually more nutrient-dense and filling than spinach and kale which makes it a great choice for your diet. 

43:10 What’s the Right Way to Eat for You?

A varying diet is the best diet. Eat what’s in season with a focus on whole foods that are of the highest quality. If you do want to skip a season of meat-eating, that’s completely fine. 

What everyone can ultimately benefit from is being a fat-burner and getting into ketosis. This too can be seasonal and varying as once you’ve trained your body to burn fat, going off ketosis and indulging in summer fruits won’t damage your body if you’re eating mostly low carb. 

45:24 - What do our kids eat?

This is a great question posed on Facebook, as many parents face difficulty trying to get their kids to eat healthily. If you set the foundation in the first 7 years of life, your kids will have the knowledge of what nutritious food is and will begin to make healthy choices naturally. 

Our kids eat the same thing we eat. We do have sweets and treats and fun foods, but they are all naturally sweetened and filled with good, wholesome nutrition. If you have a picky eater, it’s still important to control the choices they have to pick from. 

1:01:36 - How to start if your kids are older and already eating the Standard American Diet?

It’s going to be tough. But your kids won’t starve themselves. Be prepared to work with them. Educate them about food and why it’s important to eat nutritious food and allow them to skip meals or throw tantrums if they want. 

Stick it out, keep making delicious meals filled with animal protein and fats, and eventually they will start to eat healthier foods and, if they’re older, appreciate the difference in their body and their health too. 

52:31 - So, Is there an ideal diet?

There is no ideal diet. Eat real food that’s nutrient-dense. Vary your diet based on what season of life you’re in and your particular needs and your lifestyle. 



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Wellness Radio: 09/05/20