The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are upon us! you know what you are going to get the special ones in your life?

If you’re like us, there might be a little bit of last minute shopping in your future. To help you out, we’ve created a list of easy, HEALTHY gifts and treats to make your holidays AMAZING!

So here we go!


For the Busy one in your family:

Pete’s Paleo Meals

Yes, that’s right! You can have organic, pasture-raised, non-gmo, and oh yeah… UNBELIEVABLY great tasting meals delivered directly to your door!

Put the meals in a glass container and in about 1 or 2 minutes in a toaster oven (NO microwave), you are ready to enjoy an amazing Paleo/Keto meal.

It’s that easy!

 Shop Pete's Paleo here.

Bulletproof Coffee

On the go??? Yes please!

That’s right - when we are in a hurry, we don’t stop at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts just because it’s convenient. We know that quality coffee can be a superfood for your health, but as coffee beans are one of the most sprayed foods on the planet, it can also be a superbomb for your health.

Bulletproof coffee is mold free and organic. Plus, it’s blended with grass-fed ghee and MCT oil to keep your cells, hormones, and brain functioning at tip-top shape!

 Shop Bulletproof here

Adrenal, Immune, and Calming Supplements

When our bodies are constantly busy and stressed, we need to be extra mindful to support ourselves. Here is a list of my favorite stress support supplements that would make a great stocking stuffer!

  1. Adrenal Glandular by Ancestral Supplements
  2. Sufficient C: AMAZING for the immune system with 5,000 mg of Vitamin C, L-lysine, and EGCG from green tea extract!
  3. NeuroCalm by Designs for Health: Gives the brain the support it needs to relax and rest after all of that stress.


For A Healthy Home:

Air Doctor

This is our go-to at home and in our office! We know based on the scientific literature that air quality is up to 100x worse indoors than it is outdoors… And let’s be honest, outdoor air quality is nothing to be proud of.

AirDoctor’s UltraHEPA filters are up to 100x MORE EFFECTIVE than ordinary Hepa air filters, removing 99.95% of particles as small as .003 microns. The air purifier fan changes air three times per hour in a 900 sq. ft. room – a larger space than most apartments and offices!

This is an all-in-one home, room, and office indoor air filter, air purifier, and air freshener. Select one of four filtration options, or allow the auto sensor to measure and adjust filtration levels instantly for true purification and odor control.

 Shop Air Doctor here

Berkey Water System

The Berkey water system filters out toxins and provides pristine water out of even the worst water sources. The countertop system fits easily on your counter; just fill the top container with regular tap water and watch it go to work!

It’s that easy to transform your health and hydration! They have different sizes to support different size families, and don’t forget the fluoride filters!

 Shop the countertop system here, and the shower system here

Greenwave Filters

Greenwave filters reduce the DIRTY ELECTRICITY present on electrical wiring in homes and other buildings. Simply plug the filters into electrical outlets for immediate results. Filters include a built-in outlet at their base for plug-through convenience. Two filters are needed for most average sized rooms; three to four for rooms with a lot of electronics and appliances. Results can be measured easily with Greenwave's EMI Dirty Electricity Meter (sold separately).

Shop Greenwave Filters here


Life’s Necessities:

Dry Farm Wines

Wine makes a great gift. Clean wine makes your celebrations even merrier, without the headache. Dry Farm Wines offers artisan wines that are low on impurities, and low in alcohol, with all the taste. You can get a one-time delivery, or if you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, choose the monthly or every-other-month subscription option.

 Shop Dry Farm Wines here

Purity Coffee

How about the cleanest coffee on the planet for your loved one? Organic, mold and mycotoxin free, single origin, roasted to bring out antioxidants and flavor but not to the point of overloading acrylamides. WOW enough said!

Shop Purity Coffee here

Berkey Sport Travel Bottle

The Berkey Sport is Lightweight and durable; it measures just 11.2” tall and 2.6” in diameter, so you can take it anywhere. It uses the same filtration medium as the larger Black Berkey Purification Elements, which are used in the free-standing gravity-fed systems. With no pumping required, the bottle’s filter reduces microorganisms by greater than 99.9% and reduces viruses by greater than 97%. It also removes or dramatically reduces toxic chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes, detergents, pesticides, herbicides, chlorides, and pharmaceuticals! What an AMAZING travel buddy!!

Shop Berkey Sport Travel Bottle here


For the Healthy Cook:

Instant Pot

Think Crock-Pot meets pressure cooker, minus having to worry whether it will blow up on you. This is a go-to in the Warren household on an almost daily basis! You maintain up to 98% of the nutrients, it is non-toxic, you can make bone broth in hours instead of days, you can prepare whole meals, and you can cook an entire frozen chicken in 3 hours where it is falling off the bone!

 Shop Instant Pot here

Vitamix Blender

We’ve had ours for 9 years and my mom has had hers for 21 years and they both still blend like the first time we bought them! Enough said.

 Shop Vitamix here.

Tecnivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker

The world’s most non-toxic coffee maker. It not only looks cool, it also makes one heck of a cup of coffee (or 6 haha).

 Shop Technivorm Moccamaster here

COSORI Food Dehydrator

Make amazing kale chips, organic veggie chips, and pasture raised jerky in this all stainless steel dehydrator! (Drs. Warren famous kale chips: Raw organic olive oil, Redmond’s Real salt, nutritional yeast (with folate, not folic acid!), and some lemon juice. WARNING you will get addicted.

 Shop Cosori here


This makes your favorite raw nut/seed milk in minutes so that you can stop spending all of the money at the grocery store!! Just please don’t make soy milk; it’s an absolute health hazard, and it’s gross!

 Shop Soybella here


For the Athlete:

Kion Essential Amino Acids

The highest absorbing amino acids to recover and fuel muscle growth!

 Shop Kion Essential Amino Acids here

Myobuddy Trigger Point Massager

GET A POWER MASSAGER THAT THE PROS USE!! Myobuddy Is A World Famous muscle massager used by trainers in major league baseball for muscle recovery and by therapists in the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists as a trigger point massager to stimulate muscles and improve mobility consistently time after time. You can use Myobuddy handheld massager with massage oils to deepen the relaxation and recovery.

 Shop Myobuddy here

Mt. Capra’s Double Bonded Protein

A whole food, alkaline protein from pasture-raised goat’s milk designed to increase lean body mass and slow muscle breakdown. It makes a delicious and creamy chocolate protein shake with organic cocoa powder and contains high levels of all essential amino acids and a total protein content of 20 grams per serving. Grass-fed goat whey protein triggers new muscle growth while casein protein inhibits destruction of established muscle.

 Shop Mt. Capra here

Kion Flex and Kion Lean

We use Kion Flex to help with recovery. Pop a few of these bad boys after a hard workout before bed and watch how you feel and recover the next day. The Kion Flex is great to help balance blood sugar and insulin levels (take 2 before a meal with carbs in it) and it will help speed up fat metabolism!

Shop Kion Flex here and Kion Lean here



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