The best gift guide for the health-conscious woman in your life


This list is for the health-conscious woman in your life. And as Christmas is quickly approaching, those last minute gifts that ship fast will come in handy! 

This list is all the things I have personally owned and loved... or gifts that I hope to get (hint, hint Dr. Nathan). Everything on this list, whether fun or for a purpose, will encourage the woman you love to have a green and toxin-free wonderful Christmas! 


Defender Shield Phone pocket 

This is a great option for protection against EMFs. More and more studies are finding the harmful effects of technology, especially our phones, on our overall health. This product helps to decrease that exposure when carrying around your phone. Check it out here


Natural Nail Polish Kit

Who doesn't need a little self care? Just make sure the products being used are non-toxic so they're not disrupting our precious hormones. Time to help switch out all those nail polishes! Check it out here


Broccoli Sprouting Kit

Broccoli sprouts are powerful for helping balance estrogen in the body because of sulforaphane! Now she can grow her own. Check it out here


Rose Quartz Roller for Antiaging

Jade rollers are all the craze! It tightens skin, removes puffiness, and increases circulation, blood flow, and lymphatic drainage. Check it out here


Omega Juicer

If you're going to juice for health benefits, make sure you have a masticating juicer (over blade) will make sure you get the most nutrients in your juices. Check it out here


Kraut Fermentation Kit

Make your own delicious and probiotic rich kraut! I was always so iffy on eating fermented foods until I started making it myself because I could control the taste! Check it out here


Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser

Best way to diffuse oils to create a calming environment. Check it out here


Soybella Nut Milk Maker

Once you make your own milk, it's hard to go back to store bought. This makes it much much easier. Check it out here



Instapots live up to all the craze. Not only are you able to cut half the cooking times, but it retains most of the nutrients. And a stainless steel inside is a non-toxic plus! Check it out here


Stainless Milk Steamer 

This steamer changed the coffee game in our house! We put in our favorite non-dairy creamer and in a few seconds we have nice frothy, hot milk. Check it out here


Glass Pyrex set

Plastic is highly toxic to hormones! This is the first step in creating a non-toxic home; switching to glass. Check it out here


One Minute Gratitude journal

We all need to start the day in a state of gratitude, it has been shown to change you and your day completely. Bonus, it doesn't take long! Check it out here


Paleo Snack Gift Basket 

This is a great gift for that person in your life that's ready to switch to Paleo but doesn't know what snacks they would like best. Why not just get a bunch! What a great box present (and we love lots of these brands). Check it out here


Defender Shield EMG blanket 

This is the perfect gift to protect your lap (and all the organs inside) from EMF radiation when using your laptop. Check it out here


Stocking Stuffers

J+S Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This was our first pair of blue light blocking glasses. With being bombarded with light that wrecks our melatonin and cortisol this is a good option for people that have to work on a computer a lot or find themselves looking at their phones or TVs at night. Check it out here


Betonite Clay

This multipurpose health gift can be used for taking detox baths, hair treatments, DIY face masks, and more! Check it out here


Burts Bees Natural Lip Balm

Because with these upcoming cold months, this will come it handy! Check it out here


Dr. Bronners Mini Gift Set

This soap is fantastic to travel with and be used to shower with, wash hands, wash hair, and some people even use it on their teeth! Check it out here


Natural Earth Pumice

A natural way to give your feet a spa treatment in the shower! Check it out here



For anyone

The​ Adrenal Thyroid Revolution

Glow 15, A Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin, and Invigorate Your Life

Taking Charge of your Fertility

The Keto Reset Diet

Fat for Fuel


For the expectant mom

Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide

Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth


You can find all these products and more in our GIFT GUIDE menu in our Amazon store!

-Dr. Rebecca


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