We Are Moving to a New Location!


New location beginning August 9th:

2515 Lifestyle Way, Suite 105

(Between REI and the Oreck store)

Our dream has always been to create a place of healing that goes beyond just symptom care and goes against what we see happening in our current medical system. Quite frankly, we wanted to create a space that if I, or someone in my family, were to lose our health- that we could go to. Or at a time where health is about prevention, I wanted to have the most state of the art research-based modalities that can help keep us achieve that.

And it was all by the grace of God that we can officially begin to provide that here in Chattanooga. I saw this space 5 years ago and immediately had a vision for it. I prayed for it and knew that it was meant for something more. 5 years later, and after previously being told for different reasons we couldn’t have it, we are almost done with the buildout.

We are excited to continue to provide the best quality, structurally focused chiropractic care that corrects subluxation, because that’s one of the most important foundational things we can do for our health. But now, we can take it even further with research-based modalities to help difficult health cases, increase healing, and  biohacks your body to be the best it can be as it ages.

That being said, our office will be closed the first week of August to finish the move, so make sure to reschedule your appts!

And stay tuned as we share the official launch of our functional wellness center, as well as special practice member pricing.

 Drs. Nathan & Rebecca Warren