Wellness Radio Recap: November 21, 2020


Dr. Nathan Warren is about to launch another round of his men’s health coaching group: Men’s Metabolic Reset. In this program, he coaches men on their lifestyle over the course of 7 weeks to help them overcome their health issues and get off medication. The last group of ten saw two participants reversing their diabetes, and the group collectively lost over 70lbs! 

If you’re a man suffering from a lack of energy, a downward libido, and a general sense of fatigue, this group is for you.

If you’re a woman with a dearly beloved man in your life, whether that’s a spouse, parent, adult child, or another male figure, today we’ll be discussing some tips that will help you to care for issues they probably don’t even know they have. 

So many men are struggling with their health and shake it off as just something that happens as they get older. That could be a pain in one knee, elevated prostate readings, low testosterone, or some other seemingly small issue that is simply shrugged off. But that seemingly small issue is actually your body trying to tell you that there’s something going on under the surface that needs to be addressed before it festers into a bigger issue. 

Here are the timestamps for a few men’s health issues discussed in this episode so you can jump ahead to hear more about each issue. 

20:58 Erectile Dysfunction

25:48 Cholesterol

30:53 Testosterone

The Little Blue Pill

If you need the little blue pill to boost your sex life, then there’s a bigger issue at play. Erectile dysfunction is signaling that there’s an underlying heart issue, and that’s a ticking time bomb. Erectile dysfunction is a blood flow issue, so to then complicate this with a pill to stimulate blood flow is a heart attack waiting to happen. According to the CDC, every year 805,000 Americans suffer a heart attack. Many of those victims are taking medications like statins in an effort to prevent further heart attacks, yet of the 805,000 Americans, 200,000 are repeat heart attack victims. 

This is why the Men’s Metabolic Reset is so important, because instead of recommending medications, this group coaching will help men get to the root cause of their underlying issues to prevent disease. 


We’ve seen instances in our office where patients are reporting low cholesterol levels because they’re on statins, which are made  to help prevent heart attacks, but they're still at great risk of said heart attacks. 

One patient of Dr. Nathan’s started swelling in his ankles and suffering from erectile dysfunction, so it was recommended he see a cardiologist and get his calcium score. It turns out that score was just abysmal even with his low cholesterol scores. So yes, it’s possible to be on statins and still have a damaged heart. There are more indicators to watch and even more reasons to get to the root cause of your health issues instead of masking them with medication. 

The calcium scan is a really great way to see your risk of a heart attack. Dr. Rebecca shared a similar story of a patient who decided to come off his cholesterol medication for 30 days. His blood sugar was fine, he seemed healthy, but she recommended that he get the calcium scan just to check on things. 

It turned out that his score was over 400, where this number should really be under 100. It would have been climbing for much longer than just the 30 days he decided to stop his cholesterol medication. In fact, for it to get that high means that this is years and years of buildup that would have likely led to a heart attack, medication or not. All this said, he had been on a statin medication for 10 years. 

The fact is that heart disease continues to be the number one cause of death in America, even with statins and other medications thrown at it. Maybe these medications aren’t as effective as they’re proposed to be and maybe there’s a better way to prevent heart disease, such as eliminating its causes. 


The number one way to tank your testosterone is by taking a statin medication. The side effects of statins are actually quite staggering. It is amazing how many people feel better once they stop taking that medication. 

Instead of relying on a doctor to write you a script every month or a blue pill to help you get intimate with your wife, you can get to the root cause of your health issues and not rely on medication ever again. 

One of the most freeing feelings is not having to rely on anyone else to help you get healthy. That’s what the Men’s Metabolic Reset is all about. It teaches you how to get healthy and stay healthy so you can be healthy for your family and you can help them get healthy too. 

In the program, we’ll go over how to work on your nutrition to improve your testosterone levels, get rid of excess estrogen in the body, reverse insulin resistance, and heart disease. Yes, these things can be resolved with diet and nutrition and you will be learning how to eat and live for the healthiest you. 

Dr. Nathan shares that it’s always so much fun to see the energy levels of the men change inside the program each cycle. Most men will go in skeptical but wanting change and as the weeks go by and they start seeing results, the energy levels in each session always surpass the last. Many of these men are still seeing amazing results because these are not quick fixes. These are lifestyle changes that get the momentum going in the right direction. 



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Wellness Radio: 11/21/20