Wellness Radio Recap: December 12, 2020

 In this episode of Wellness Radio, Dr. Nathan Warren discusses everything cholesterol. There’s a movement right now of health experts suggesting that all cholesterol is bad and should be removed from the diet. Is this really so? And what effects does cholesterol and, specifically, LDL have on the heart? Let’s dive right in. 

Time Stamps: 

7:15 - The science behind cholesterol and its sources

Cholesterol is necessary and the majority of your cholesterol does not come from your diet. 80% of the cholesterol is produced internally in your liver where only 20% comes from the foods you eat. 

18:53 - How often should you get your bloodwork pulled? (And what to look for)

Hint: It’s not once per year

24:22 - Markers that signal damage due to cholesterol issues

These are the things you want to look out for on your blood work and immediately seek medical help to correct. 

35:55 - How to protect your heart - solutions to cholesterol issues

What is the ideal diet? Should you go vegan?

46:50 - Some amazing heart-healthy foods to consume

  1. Olive Oil - quality is important
  2. Mediterranean foods
  3. Healthy fats
  4. Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables
  5. Good quality pasture-raised or wild-caught meat and seafood

51:56 - Good supplements to take that support your heart



Casadrino’s Olive Oil


Vitamin D

Pure Form Omega Fats

Systemic Formula 

Nitric Oxide L’Arginine

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Wellness Radio: 12/12/20