Advanced fasting: The 5-day water fast


Now let’s take fasting to the next level!

Once you have mastered intermittent and 24-hour fasting, you will want to challenge yourself with a 5-day water fast. I typically recommend a 5-day water fast twice per year. Depending on your health goals, even once per quarter may be a good option for you.

Why block fast so frequently? Because it is an incredibly powerful healing tool for your body. When your body is not digesting food, it will redirect this energy toward healing processes. It can strengthen your immune system, starve out pathogens, candida, and parasites, and reduce your risk of cancer. And by the fourth day, your body is producing stem cells, which can basically differentiate into any tissue in the body, and there is also a rise in growth hormone and testosterone, your anti-aging hormones.

I could go on about the benefits of block fasting. And I do, in this video! Watch as I explain the benefits of block fasting, go over tips on how to excel during the fast, and discuss the importance of proper refeeding.



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