Healing After Thyroidectomy Q&A

This is for all those people that are living without a thyroid. I remember being so frustrated that most of the content about getting well never featured information for someone like, someone who was trying to heal post thyroidectomy. I decided to do a special Q&A from people that have experienced a thyroidectomy. I hope this helps you in your healing journey! 

Question in today's episode: 

  1. After 25 years on levothyroxine and remaining mostly stable after RAI, why would my numbers just tank? I had to increase my dose by a huge amount. My endocrinologist tested me for everything under the sun. Nothing came up.
  2. Should doctors test your adrenal/cortisol? I've never had this done but wonder if I should.
  3. How, if at all, does pregnancy and childbearing differ when you don’t have a thyroid? Just hoping to have a better understanding of what to expect when the time comes.
  4. Are there any differences between treatments in USA vs. other countries?
  5. What is this talk about the hormone T2 ? Supposedly it can help with weight loss and have no negative affect on T4 or T3.


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  4. Have you had a thyroidectomy?  Healing After Thyroidectomy Facebook Group

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