My Thyroid Cancer & Thyroidectomy Story (And Why Cutting Out Organs Never Truly Gets You Well)

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • My story of walking out of the movie theatre at 16, falling to the ground in what I thought could only be a heart attack, and how that episode ended up with me losing my gallbladder.
  • At 19, my mom saw a lump in my neck and how it ended up eventually in a thyroid cancer diagnosis.
  • My reaction to hearing “this was the good cancer to have”.
  • My epiphany realizing I spent all my life feeling fine but yet ended up with multiple surgeries, medication, and disease clearly living in my body.
  • Dealing with the onset of depression and anxiety one year after my thyroidectomy.
  • And how I started to get my health back *hint it involved with first firing the Doctors that were not helping. 

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