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The purchase of this test does not include the doctor's interpretation of results.  

If you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Nathan or Dr. Rebecca to go over results, please learn more about our functional wellness consultations before completing your purchase.  

If you would like to receive the doctor's written interpretation of results and supplement recommendations, without a consultation, you can add this to your order for $150. 

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IgG Food Allergy Test


IgG (immunoglobulin G) test results can aid in the structuring of elimination diets that may relieve symptoms of many chronic neurological, gastrointestinal, and movement disorders. IgG antibodies are present in all body fluids and serve as a first line of defense against infection, but do not release histamine or produce the familiar immediate hypersensitivity reactions of itching, hives, flushing, or sneezing associated with classic IgE allergic reactions. In contrast, IgG antibodies may have more subtle immune effects, ranging from gastrointestinal bloating and nausea to headaches, mood changes, and fatigue. Unknowingly, people may continue to eat “offending” foods, not connecting delayed reactions to the foods eaten perhaps hours or days before.  

By measuring IgG antibodies specific to antigenic food proteins, it is possible to identify which foods may be responsible for hard-to-define symptoms. The 93 foods tested in the IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida include representatives of major food groups common in the western diet.  Elimination of IgG-positive foods can improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, autism, ADHD, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and epilepsy, according to numerous clinical studies.

Benefits of testing:

  • Helps determine if food reactions are contributing to physical or mental symptoms

  • Removal of highly reactive foods from the diet is a non-invasive, food-based therapy that often mitigates a patient's symptoms

  • Research and clinical studies suggest food allergies identified by IgG testing can be a major contributing factor in many chronic health conditions

  • Food rotation and elimination diets can reduce stress on the immune system, lower gut inflammation, resolve food cravings, and reduce the potential for eating disorders

View a sample report here. 



Upon purchasing the test, we will drop ship the test kit to your home. The test is completed at home, and you will mail the results to the lab.

Results are typically available about 4 weeks after the test is mailed off, and will be e-mailed to you upon receipt at our office.  



The purchase of this test does not include a functional wellness consultation with Dr. Nathan or Dr. Rebecca. To learn more about an initial consultation with Dr. Nathan, please visit his page here. To learn more about an initial consultation with Dr. Rebecca, please visit her page here.  

You are welcome to order this test without a consultation. If you choose this option, we will e-mail you the test results when we receive them. The purchase of the test itself does not include the doctor's interpretation of results. If you would like to receive the doctor’s written interpretation and supplement recommendations, without a consultation, you can add this to your purchase for $150.  

Refund policy: Once we have shipped your test kit, this purchase cannot be refunded.