Are you tired of having no energy?

Being overweight?

Having low libido?

Being in constant pain?

Let me help you get your life back.


In my health coaching practice, I am frequently sitting across from men who are exhausted, overweight, and have lost their stamina. It doesn't have to be this way. Join me for one evening and get the tools you need to reclaim your health and vitality. Read more about my story here.


Do you ever wonder why at 50 you heal slower than you did at 15? The answer lies in stem cells. Stem cells are incredible human cells that have the ability to develop into any type of cell your body needs, from muscle cells to brain cells. As we age, our bodies produce fewer stem cells and, more importantly, the stem cells we have are less powerful and efficient. As a result, our body loses its ability to heal itself over time. But what if we could reverse the clock?
Join me at The Man Event, where we will go over the leading strategies to optimize your health and prevent or reverse hot topics for men, such as:
·       Low Testosterone
·       Heart disease
·       Diabetes and metabolic disorders
·       Erectile dysfunction and low libido
·       High blood pressure
·       Cancer
In short, you will learn how to stop being a victim to your lifestyle. Learn the first steps you need to take to regain control of your health and start feeling like a man again.
Monday, February 26th 


Oaks Coffeehouse
2nd Floor
2916 Silverdale Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421

The event is free, but registration is limited to 80 seats.

Register now to reserve your spot!




In the past, I coached men through an 8-week program called the Men's Metabolic Reset. Now I am bringing the most critical first steps from this program to you, all in one evening. Check out these testimonials to see what you can expect at
The Man's Event on February 5th.  
"I had some issues with my health, and I am not an unhealthy person. What I am is a guy in his mid-forties that was stuck. And I have tried a lot of things to restart my energy and metabolism: boxing circuits, increased cardio, pre-workouts, caffeine pills, etc. My wife heard about Dr. Nathan and asked if I would try this. Skeptical would be a polite word for how I approached this. I lift five days a week for an hour a day. I have run 5Ks without training. I am not out of shape nor was I too overweight, I had the dad bod of 20lbs that I just couldn't shake. I listened to Dr. Nathan and selected which items each week I would try to add, as I recognized I could not do everything. 
 As of finishing the program and only really implementing less than half of what he recommended, I am down 15lbs. I feel lighter, have better energy - and I did it all remotely from Virginia. My goal is to travel to Chattanooga to talk about next steps of an overall plan. I am also confident the lessons I learned are easy steps to continue this lifestyle choice." - Thomas D.
"My name is Blakely, and I am 56 years old. I joined the Men’s Metabolic Reset a year ago at my wife’s urging so that I could gain some wisdom on health for going forward. The class was so informative and helpful for me and has actually transformed my health and awareness. In this process I lost weight (right at 20lbs) and had 3 major health shifts happen... most of my adult life I have had a chronic cough in the morning and at bedtime, that has completely stopped. I had always had IBS symptoms and I no longer experience that pain, and also I snored badly and that has stopped, not to mention joint pain that has dramatically improved! I am still on this health journey, and hope to continue to grow, but Dr. Nathan is always “there” for me and I am constantly changing for the better and I am so grateful! My wife and I have made a choice, to live healthy and to own our health going forward, and I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Nathan!" - Blakely S.

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