Should You Get the Flu Shot?


Should You Get the Flu Shot?

It’s that time of year when the marketing for the annual flu shot is heavy and everywhere I turn, I get the question, “Dr. Nathan, should I get the flu shot?” 

This week on Wellness Radio I took the opportunity to share my thoughts on the flu shot, the upcoming COVID vaccine, and all the mystery and hysteria surrounding that. 

Admittedly, this week’s episode was a lot of me ranting about our current health climate so here are some timestamps to help you navigate the episode:

2:20 - Underlying health issues leading to complications

6:15 - The side effects of vaccines

10:01 - Your body heals itself naturally

13:01 - Should you get the flu shot?

20:42 - Do vaccines save lives?

23:31 - Mandatory vaccines

33:24 - Compulsory swine flu vaccine complications 

38:50 - What about protecting other people?

Chronic Diseases and Underlying Issues

There are lots of opinions flying right now about whether or not the current virus in the air is manufactured or natural. What I wanted to underscore for everyone is that whether or not that is true, what’s most important is that we as a nation are not healthy people. 

We have chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure and are managing our symptoms instead of treating the root cause. The virus has highlighted just how unhealthy we are as a nation. 

It’s not enough to be taking pills every day to manage our symptoms. We must look at healing our bodies and the root cause of what is causing our diseases. 

We can’t rely on governments and science to put out vaccines because vaccines aren’t the bandaid you think they are. 

Take control of your health by working with a healthcare professional who will help you to treat the root cause of your illnesses instead of prescribing medicine to manage the symptoms. 

That way, you have the ability to face a virus and not be affected as heavily as someone who has underlying health issues. You will have the ability to live, to go outside and live life, instead of hiding away from a virus and not functioning freely. 

Should you get the flu shot?

I want to put this in a way that makes my thoughts on this super clear. 

If it were me, or my family, there is NO WAY on God’s green earth that I would ever even consider putting that type of poison into my bloodstream or my kids' bloodstream. 

I’m hoping that statement gives you my exact thoughts on the flu vaccine and whether you should get it.

The flu vaccine is least effective for the elderly and children, the most vulnerable group of people, and this should be considered along with the side effects of the vaccine when considering your options.

Vaccines are not developed to save lives, they are developed to treat symptoms and make money. Governments aren’t working to keep you healthy, they are working to keep the economy healthy and that may mean offering bandaids that won’t make you better. 

It’s up to you to prioritize your health and that of your family and do what is necessary to maintain optimal health in order to be able to fight off disease and viruses. 

Will the COVID vaccine get rid of the virus?

In the 1970s, the Swine Flu Vaccine led to the Guillain-Barre syndrome that was ultimately the cause of a rushed vaccine put out too soon. 

The COVID vaccine seems to be going down the same path. There’s a mad rush to get something out to get rid of the virus that’s leading to grave side effects like transverse myelitis as seen in the current AstraZeneca clinical trial on healthy people. 

If healthy people are being adversely affected by this vaccine, what will happen to people with underlying illnesses?

Should you wear a mask to protect other people?

A better outlook would be for the society to take a look at the root causes of our underlying illnesses and tackle that first. When we are all healthy people, our response to a virus is very different. 

No matter what side of the political divide you fall on, the better choice here instead of looking to the government to save us all, would be to put pressure on them to provide transparent information so we can make our own decisions about what to do in the current climate. 

We’re seeing more and more people in our office and the wider environment rely less and less on traditional medicines to feel better. Instead, they are changing their diet, changing their lifestyle and relying on their own bodies to heal themselves. 

Think differently, act differently and take care of yourselves and your family and take charge of your health from the inside out. 

Wellness Radio Show on Saturday, September 19th, 2020